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 Language application

Language application for preschoolers for learning foreign languages / In developement 

An application where parents can choose the language they want their preschooler to learn, together with the native language of the child. The application has 10 different languages to choose from and the choice of languages can also be customized for different markets. Through a joyful play with two characters and age-appropriate tasks using words, numbers, songs, short fairy-tales and riddles in combination, children will learn the first steps in their foreign language of interest.

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Youth web drama-series 20 x 10 min

Badrumsliv is a web drama-series for the target group 16-25, produced in HD, 20 episodes x 8-10 minutes for YLE, NRK and DR.

The series is about two best friends in their 20s, spending time in the bathroom discussing, confessing, reflecting, gossiping, arguing and laughing together. An honest, genuine series based on crowdsourcing, where more than 60 people in the target group have been interviewed.

The series has a feminist approach. Young women can identify themselves and find strength in the challenges and problems facing the two female characters and in their way to discuss, reflect upon and solve the problems,.

The series is under production and available in April 2019. Moilo controls the commercial opportunities outside the Nordic countries for the series.

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Preschool live-action drama series 18 x 7 minutes

Vilda is live-action drama series for the target group 3-6 years old. Produced for YLE in HD with a M/E-track, which allows high standard dubbing, the series consists of 18 different episodes x 7 minutes.

Vilda is a 5-year old girl living together with her father. New situations - such as seeing the dentist, a sleepover with her best friend, or throwing a birthday party for the first time - makes her a bit nervous. Being brave and inventive, Vilda solves the situations in a creative way as her confidence grows. Sometimes she comes up with her own solutions, sometimes she just disagrees with her father. Things do not always seem to work out, for example when she improves the drawings in the book from the library with her crayons. In the end, Vilda manages to work out the situation and learns new things along the way.

The series aims to give preschoolers a strong role model in Vilda, experiencing new situations for the first time and finding creative ways to solve different challenges.

The series is available in February 2019. Moilo controls the commercial opportunities for the series.



Pedagogical documentation

A research project on pedagogical documentation in cooperation with the University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University.

Pedagogical documentation in kindergartens is a part of the National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care, drafted by the Finnish Ministry of Education. Moilo is examining how pedagogical documentation and children’s participation is working in kindergartens in Finland on a daily basis. We also visit kindergartens in Sweden and Denmark and interview academic researchers on the same topic in order to write a report and a guidebook on pedagogical documentation for professionals working with children in kindergartens. The guidebook will be delivered to all kindergartens in Finland.

Read the report (Swedish)