Moilo is a creative company with a mission to enhance children’s development and cognitive learning. We produce high quality, innovative, story-driven content for children across multiple platforms. Our way of working is based on the Finnish educational system, coupled with a sensitivity towards children and their needs in different contexts. Moilo customizes content for the target group 0-12.


Moilo’s strength lies in storytelling across various platforms and genres such as live-action drama, animation, digital content, games, event concepts, and applications – content that allows children to have fun, explore and grow based on their needs, on an age-appropriate level. The stories are grounded in a deep understanding of pedagogy together with an understanding of target groups, as well as a rich experience of working with children. Moilo collaborates with Finnish and Nordic universities to tap into current academic research on pedagogy and learning, in order to design technical and digital solutions that support the development of children. Moilo produces content for children for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle), cooperates with the Nordic broadcasting companies and other companies. Moilo’s content is represented on the international market.  


Moilo is a official member of Education Finland, which is a governmental cluster programme supporting the best education providers in their growth on the international market. The programme is coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Moilo’s strategy and activity are based on the criteria set forth in the National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care, drafted by the Finnish Ministry of


  • The ability to think and learn

  • Cultural and communicative competence

  • The ability to participate

  • Individual agency

  • Empathy and social skills

Moilo [moy:lo] is a combination of two Finnish words – MOI and ILO – meaning HELLO and JOY.

Moilo was founded in 2017 by Suzan Aledin and Petra Holm. They share an extensive background in children’s content at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.



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